Shajarat Al Durr brings back to the world the ancestral ingenuity, the traditional know-how, the quality of products, and the meaning behind each recipe.

As we offer a different vision and an atmosphere that revives ancient stories and legends, our goal is to contribute in restoring the global image and reputation of the Egyptian terroir through the rediscovery of its true nature and taste.

The interior designs chosen for our branches aim at being representative illustrations of Egypt’s long architectural history. Each restaurant is designed to reflect the different civilizations Egypt has seen. Through our different places we wish to recreate an authentic environment rich in history and heritage, while serving authentic dishes.

The mind behind the project

Challenging mainstream and conformist thinking is the essence of my methodology. Paraphrasing the scientist Marie Curie, one should always persevere seeking improvement.

Believing in this philosophy to the core, I have been determined to change the understanding of Egyptian food, researching ways to keep pace with the latest international standards and exceed the expectations in restaurants’ management. In my view, food is beyond a dish. It is an evidence of a population’s evolution, its folklore, its roots and beliefs. Food is deeper than the fact of eating; it is a science where history and anthropology intertwine.

This ideal developed into establishing a new concept loyal to authentic recipes and to an ancestral know-how. With rigor and perseverance we represent the nobility and authenticity of the Egyptian table characterized by more than five thousand years of history. Moreover, the system of operation being efficient and competent, opens this new project to a global spread.

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution”.

Hisham Anas

A voyage in time through timeless tastes