The Egyptian Terroir

“Terroir” comes from the Latin word “territorium” - land. It is a French concept that refers to the authenticity of the food and of the experience. “Terroir” as a label guarantees local food originating from specific regions of a country and following a specific process of production.
Shajarat Al Durr presents the new concept of Egyptian Terroir as it offers dishes while reviving the long heritage that made the unicity of the Egyptian food.
Following archives, novels and popular stories that describe the richness and diversity of the Egyptian table, our goal is to contribute in restoring the global image and reputation of the Nile country’s terroir, through a rediscovery of its true nature and aroma.

Our atmosphere

The interior designs chosen for our branches aim at being representative illustrations of Egypt’s long architectural history. Each restaurant is designed to reflect the different civilizations Egypt has seen. Thereby, each of our branches will honor an era -Pharaonic, Ayyubid, Fatimid and Mamluk. Through our different spaces we wish to recreate an authentic environment rich in history and heritage, while serving authentic dishes.

Inspiring Recipes

Through our selective menu we want to perpetuate the original know-how and character of the Egyptian terroir.Our speciality, the Egyptian grill, is unique in its taste and texture due to a specific preparation of different kind of meats, a style preciously preserved. In all we present, we take the challenge of remaining loyal to the unicity of a cuisine that has been lost in the rush of modern times.

A Dedicated Staff

Shajarat Al Durr’s personnel are selected for their ambition and exceptional expertise to offer high standard services. We value teamwork, ethics and equity in the best working conditions.

High Quality Foods

“Authenticity and quality” is our leitmotiv, strictly applied to all our dishes for a unique, rich
and healthy experience.

A Philanthropic Philosophy

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the services of others”.

The most valuable reward is being able to share our profit with people, communities and charities dedicated to social well-being.

Our difference

More than by the usual advertising methods, our reputation and communication is based on our consumers’ shared experiences, on the discovery of a taste and of an architecture that have been forgotten or overseen, on the true dialogue between present and past. From our interior designs inspired by the Egypt’s history, to our dishes served in traditional terracotta bowls, every single detail has been thoroughly studied.

Shajarat Al Durr brings back to the world the ancestral ingenuity, the traditional knowledge, the quality of products, and the meaning and story behind each recipe.

The story of our restaurant is a story of hardship and sacrifices, promoting quality, high standard, professionalism and the well-being of our devoted clients. But it is also a story of exceptional encounters, of touching human experiences and of meaningful transmissions.

What matters to us is to offer a different vision, a different world, a real atmosphere that revives ancient stories and legends, all in a warm and welcoming environment.