The Egyptian Terroir has a strong and deep history that reveals the history of the people, the evolution of their beliefs, norms and values, their relationship to power and their relationship to the world.
Reviving history brings back the value Egyptian food deserves, and we are committed in not only showing to the world the authentic way of preparing and presenting our dishes, but also in meeting the highest standards of international restaurant services.

Our name, a symbol

Shajar El Durr, born in 1216, was an ambitious and charismatic woman who made her way to power, becoming one of the most impactful figures in Egypt’s history by transforming a country’s path within less than 90 days of reign.
A leader characterized by her wisdom and strength; a short reign characterized by its historical significance.
This name holds a deep meaning that inspires the values and principles of our restaurant:
Be the inspiration you are looking for.
Be the model of success that you seek.
Be the treasure of your quest.

Our Goal

As Egypt’s long and distinctive civilization keeps arousing curiosity and fascination, its cuisine should resurface and be presented to the world with its true and authentic taste and environment.
Although the culinary history of Egypt vanished from social and cultural education, we find its trace in historical archives, novels and popular stories, proving the richness and diversity of the Egyptian table. Our goal is to contribute in restoring the global image and reputation of the Nile country’s cuisine, through a rediscovery of its true nature and aroma.

An authentic signature

An authentic signature is defined by its origin, its sincerity and by an experience that transports the consumer to his memories, to his identity, an experience that offers a journey where flavors, aromas, colors and textures interweave.

Through our selective menu we want to preserve the original know-how, the original style and character of the Egyptian terroir, and we take the challenge of remaining loyal to the unicity of a cuisine that has been lost in the rush of modern times.
We express a path toward authenticity and quality based on a sincere connection to the past, following precise instructions, using specific ingredients for a distinct delectable taste.

A sensorial voyage

Offering food is not only about the taste, it is the awakening of senses exalted by the sight, the touch, the smell, and by its impeccable presentation.
Eating is an experience that has a symbolic meaning often neglected: eating is a deep revendication of our identity, it reflects our values, it bounds us to our history, to our culture and to our memories.
Eating is also a unique emotional and sensorial voyage, when a well-designed dish can take your imagination to the old labyrinthine streets of the Egyptian cities, wandering between colorful spice merchants, attractive markets and savory food stands.
Savoring a dish is allowing its essence to penetrate your soul and to transport you beyond space and time.

Homage to History

The Egyptian food has deep roots in history dating back to the Pharaonic era. The pies we offer for instance – fettir meshaltet, or the bread we bake, follow an ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. With different eras came different food that Egypt has preciously kept and constantly rediscovered: the Umayyad konafa, the Fatimid molokhia, the Ottoman grills or the contemporary hawawshi, are all what make the Egyptian terroir uniquely rich and diverse.

In our restaurants we wish to share the stories and legends behind each dish we serve, and we wish to show through our interior designs the historical heritage immortalized by the cities’ architecture, witnesses of each century, one after another. Each restaurant represents an era of Egyptian history. From the hieroglyphs and pharaonic wall paintings to the meticulously carved wood, detailed ceramic art or cut glass with unique shaping precision, each restaurant illustrates a different timeline, an authentic atmosphere and the specific taste of the Egyptian terroir.