Shajarat Al Durr introduces the new concept of Egyptian Terroir. This label guarantees the authenticity of food, following a specific process of production and presentation. We aim at reviving the long heritage that made the unicity of the Egyptian food. From starters to desserts, we are determined to follow original recipes that have been transmitted since Antique times.
Travelling the world, we have noticed that most Egyptian restaurants have taken their heritage for granted, ignoring the identity and depth of dishes that have brighten the Egyptian tables for centuries.
Therefore, we are committed in respecting an ancestral know-how, bringing back the authentic tastes and aromas of Egypt.

At Shajarat Al Durr, the chosen dishes are those triggering an impression of reminiscence; a specific smell or taste that generates vivid childhood memories. Hence, we selected recipes that represent an emotional attachement to all Egyptians. And this is our goal; to enliven engraved passions.

As described in novels and archives, each dish was born in different eras of Egypt’s history, from antique times to modern times, evolving through all the dynasties that have shaped the country.
Served in “fokhar”- terracotta bowls, taste what makes the Egyptian food so specific. From the centuries old molokhia and bamia to the variety of mixed rice, colourful dulmahs or stuffed pigeon, follow the history of Egypt dish after dish. Each specialty is an evidence of the long evolution and the mix of cultures that have influenced the Egyptian food. 
Our signature, the traditional grilled meats were always a favoured dish and we follow until today the authentic recipe of Egypt’s culinary archives, using ingredients meticulously chosen and prepared. 

Another Egyptian signature is the original Fettir, a layered pastry with a variety of fillings, a know-how passed down from a generation to another. In Ancient Egypt the first Fettir, the muttabaq, was an offering made to the gods, presented with honey- spiritual and royal symbol, and ghee- symbol of purity. It moved from Upper Egypt to the Delta and became a common serving during celebrations and events. Sweet or savoury, you will love a warm a crispy bite of fettir.
Local food is always full of anecdotes that resulted in common practices and beliefs still in use today. Some of these stories can be enjoyed in our blog.
“Give me the righteous’ whiskey”. This popular saying was first said by the elders of Al-Azhar entering grill restaurants, and were called the “salad squeezers”. From this story, whomever did not drink the juice of a salad did not really ate the original Egyptian salad.
Fresh and sour specialties such as cumin tomatoes, pickled eggplants, tahina, baba ghanoog or torshi, are perfect to accompany grills and open the way to the scents and tastes that will follow.
Likewise, our selection of soups is based on the most popular preparations among Egyptian families. Lessan elAsfoor - orzo soup- for instance, a name directly linked to the beating heart of Egypt, its streets and alleys, its cosy homes and warm gatherings. Among the favoured soups we also find vegetables, kawareh, and of course the rich and comforting lentil soup for cold winters. The selected desserts are also representative of the Egyptian home. Om Ali and Roz bellaban (rice pudding) are what all children grew up adoring. The softness, the contrast of textures, the exhilarating taste… the perfect combination for a satisfying and exquisite instant.

Besides, Authenticity and quality are strictly applied to our drinks as much as to our food. We offer fresh juices rich in healthy properties made with carefully selected fruits, vegetables and greens. We also introduce the ancient Egyptian drinks such as kharoob, ennab or tamr hendi that illustrate a long agricultural history.

In a word, discover or rediscover the richness and diversity of the Egyptian Terroir and enjoy a festive table at Shajarat Al Durr.